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Chair Feedback and Development Program
Take your professional development into your own hands with this customized programdesigned to help chairs like you succeed
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This book offers a how-to resource for campus leaders who want to take a strategic approach to creating change within the university and in relation to the community.

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This quarterly periodical for department chairs and deans features practical advice, useful information, and up-to-date resources. Its applications, techniques, case studies, strategies, and guidance are directly relevant to today's academic leaders.
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In Partnership with IDEA Education
Chair Feedback & Development Program
The IDEA Feedback System for Chairs is the only nationally available tool for chairs that provides feedback, analysis, and a customized plan for professional development based on priorities determined by the chair. It addresses two fundamental questions:
     –How effective am I perceived to be?
     –What might I do to improve? 

The Chair Feedback and Development Program connects individual feedback with a year of guided online professional development to help chairs and department heads succeed. More.

Initiate Innovation
Change Leadership in Higher Education is a call to action, urging administrators in higher education to get proactive about change. The author applies positive and creative leadership principles to the issue of leading change in higher education, providing a much-needed blueprint for changing the way change happens, and how the system reacts. Readers will examine four different models of change and look at change itself through ten different analytical lenses to highlight the areas where the current approach could be beneficially altered. The book accounts for the nuances in higher education culture and environment, and helps administrators see that change is natural and valuable, and can be addressed in creative and innovative ways. Read Chapter 1 from this valuable guide now. More.

The Chair as Diversity Leader
In The Department Chair journal you’ll find such informative articles as “Department Chairs as Transformational Diversity Leaders” by Alvin Evans and Edna Chun. The topic of chair leadership in diversity is noticeably absent from most of the department chair literature. This article summarizes recent research findings on the chair's role in diversity transformation and identifies six organizational and behavioral barriers to diversity. Read the article from the winter 2015 issue now. More.

Quick Tips and Practical Advice

Q. How can new chairs best learn about the institution and academic unit? Read More.

Q. What does it mean to be a chair? Read More.

Q. What are some qualities for leadership success? Read More.

Sample Chapters and Articles

Although the department chair represents the linchpin between faculty and administration and is at the core of the academic mission of colleges and universities, little research has been conducted on the chair’s role in diversity. Read More.

Change Leadership in Higher Education is a call to action, urging administrators in higher education to get proactive about change. Read More.

This groundbreaking book offers educators a clear understanding of the concept of social justice and includes effective practices to help them promote social justice and address identity development on their campuses. Read More.

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