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Chair Feedback and Development Program
Take your professional development into your own hands with this customized programdesigned to help chairs like you succeed
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Every year, hundreds of small colleges, state schools, and large, research-oriented universities across the United States (and, increasingly, across Europe and Asia) are revisiting their core and general education curricula, often moving toward more integrative models. 

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This quarterly periodical for department chairs and deans features practical advice, useful information, and up-to-date resources. Its applications, techniques, case studies, strategies, and guidance are directly relevant to today's academic leaders.
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In Partnership with IDEA Education
Chair Feedback & Development Program
The IDEA Feedback System for Chairs is the only nationally available tool for chairs that provides feedback, analysis, and a customized plan for professional development based on priorities determined by the chair. It addresses two fundamental questions:
     –How effective am I perceived to be?
     –What might I do to improve? 

The Chair Feedback and Development Program connects individual feedback with a year of guided online professional development to help chairs and department heads succeed. More.

Implementing Outcomes Assessment
This second edition of Assessment Essentials updates the bestselling first edition, the go-to resource on outcomes assessment in higher education. Its step-by-step approach will guide you through the process of developing an assessment program, from the research and planning phase to implementation and beyond, with more than 100 examples along the way. Perfect for anyone new to the assessment process, as well as for the growing number of assessment professionals, this expanded edition of Assessment Essentials will be an essential resource on every college campus. Read Chapter 1 from this valuable guide now. More.

Intergenerational Collaboration and Succession Planning
In The Department Chair journal you’ll find such informative articles as “Beyond the Boom: Intergenerational Collaboration and Succession Planning for Dynamic Departments” by Jackie L. Booth and Manny Rosa. As the faculty ages, it is critical that department chairs focus on developing leaders from among the Generation X and Generation Y/Millennial groups as part of their succession plan. This article shares a process for identifying, evaluating, mentoring, and developing leaders from all generations to effectively meet the current and future demands of academic departments. Read the article from the fall 2014 issue now. More.

Quick Tips and Practical Advice

Q. How can chairs motivate faculty to engage in service-learning? Read More.

Creating Positive Relationships with Faculty: Connectors Read More.

Q. Why is it important for chairs to value teamwork? Read More.

Sample Chapters and Articles

A timely expansion to the essential higher education assessment text. Read More.

As the faculty ages, it is critical that department chairs focus on developing leaders from among the Generation X and Generation Y/Millennial groups as part of their succession plan. Read More.

For those wading through the accreditation process, which has become more difficult in recent years due to increasing regulation and pressure for greater accountability, this book offers expert guidance on understanding the underlying principles of the expectations of accrediting bodies. Read More.

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