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This book is a comprehensive why- and how-to handbook for developing a successful student-faculty partnership program.

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This quarterly periodical for department chairs and deans features practical advice, useful information, and up-to-date resources. Its applications, techniques, case studies, strategies, and guidance are directly relevant to today's academic leaders.
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Mining from the Middle: Making the Most of Resources
Explore how chairs can make the unit's mission more action-oriented and fiscally driven. Read the lead article from the spring 2015 issue of The Department Chair now. More.

Creating Effective Mentoring Relationships
Starting Strong weaves a compelling tale that exemplifies the concepts, highlights the dynamics, and outlines the issues involved in mentoring relationships. Read Chapter 1 from this valuable guide now. More.

Wiley Learning Institute
Online Professional Development for Department Chairs and Campus Leaders
Solve leadership challenges with free workshops from your favorite Jossey-Bass authors! Every workshop is developed by subject matter experts and reviewed by instructional designers so you can start making a difference today! More.

Quick Tips and Practical Advice

Q. How can chairs aid their departments during program restructuring? Read More.

Q. What should chairs know about social networking and academic freedom? Read More.

Q. How is the rigor of scholarship reviewed, both quantitatively and qualitatively? What are the pitfalls and barriers? Read More.

Sample Chapters and Articles

In Starting Strong, mentoring experts Lois J. Zachary and Lory A. Fischler weave a compelling tale that exemplifies the concepts, highlights the dynamics, and outlines the issues involved in mentoring relationships. Read More.

Instead of lowering the bar for faculty productivity when times are tough, increase it by stretching your resources. Read More.

Community College Finance provides an introduction to best practices for community college leaders and their boards, with guidance on the complex regulations, processes, and considerations surrounding the financial management of these unique institutions. Read More.

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"What a stunning collection you have... The range of materials is excellent, venturing in new directions. Bravo."

Irene W.D. Hecht
American Council on Education
Former Director,
Department Leadership Programs
Portland, OR