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This revised best-selling classic continues to offer a proven step-by-step approach to reallocating resources in tough times.

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This quarterly periodical for department chairs and deans features practical advice, useful information, and up-to-date resources. Its applications, techniques, case studies, strategies, and guidance are directly relevant to today's academic leaders.
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For questions about your subscription to The Department Chair, contact jbsubs@wiley.com

For questions about upcoming issues of The Department Chair or The Department Chair Insider E-Newsletter, contact editor-dch@wiley.com

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Article Submission Guidelines
  • Articles submitted to The Department Chair should be on topics related to the leadership of an academic department across disciplines and institutions. The focus is on applications, techniques, case studies, or other ideas and information that readers can use in their role as department leaders. We welcome suggestions for new material relevant to department chairs. 
  • Articles should be no more than 1,500 words (about six double-spaced pages).
  • Articles should be written in clean, sharp prose. Speak to your audience as you would like to be spoken to. Use references only when essential.
  • Figures and tables may be included as needed. 
  • We encourage the use of bullets, lists and summaries, or other formats that more clearly present the basic points. 
  • We reserve the right to edit for style and length, and to make any final publishing decision.
  • Send article submissions to editor-dch@wiley.com
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